Benefits for members

Benefits for members

Benefits for members

Members in the ITC, both organizations and individuals, have a number of important benefits. These include:

- Professional recognition from being identified as an ITC member.

- Greater access to knowledge and contacts given our global and diverse representation.

- Enhanced opportunity for regional testing orientated communications and meetings.

- Increased ability to shape ITC Guidelines before finalisation.

- Voting rights on issues, and elections (not individual membership).

- Increased ability to raise issues for consideration by the Council.

More than anything else, however, membership of the ITC provides a very suitable way to contribute to the testing and assessment community, and to promote high standards in test development and use: locally, regionally, and globally. A highly respected body, the ITC offers a perspective which is independent of local (national) views, some of which may be shaped by lack of appropriate expertise in contemporary testing and assessment.

Please download here a brochure on the ITC and the benefits of membership.