Past ITC Conferences

Past ITC Conferences

A List of the Past ITC Conferences

A list of past ITC conferences can be consulted here. Unfortunately, not all conference websites could be maintained after the conference, so some are no longer accessible.

2018, Montreal, Canada - The 11th Conference of the ITC: On the Beat of Testing

2016, Vancouver, Canada - The 10th Conference of the ITC: Improving Policy and Practice: Opportunities and Challenges in an International Context

2014, San Sebastian, Spain - The 9th Conference of the ITC: Global and Local Challenges for Best Practices in Assessment

2012, Amsterdam, Netherlands - The 8th Conference of the ITC: Modern Advances in Assessment: Testing and Digital Technology, Policies and Guidelines

2010, Hong Kong, China - The 7th Conference of the ITC: Challenges and Opportunities in Testing and Assessment in a Globalized Economy

2008, Liverpool, UK - The 6th Conference of the ITC: The Impact of Testing on People and Society: Enhancing the Value of Test Us

2006, Bruxelles, Belgium - The 5th Conference of the ITC: Psychological and Educational Test Adaptation across Language and Cultures

2004, Williamsburg, USA - The 4th Conference of the ITC: Equitable Assessment Practice: Building Guidelines for Best Practices

2002, Winchester Guildhall, Winchester, UK - The 3rd Conference of the ITC: Computer-Based Testing and the Internet