More Information About the ITC

More Information About the ITC

Further information about the ITC can be obtained from the Secretary of the ITC, Dr. Aletta Odendaal (secretary[at]intestcom.org).

Other officers of the ITC you may want to contact, are:

- Prof. Dragos Iliescu (ITC President, president[at]intestcom.org).

- Prof. Kurt Geisinger (ITC President-Elect, presidentelect[at]intestcom.org).

- Prof. Kurt Geisinger (ITC Treasurer, treasurer[at]intestcom.org).

- Dr. April Zenisky (Editor of Testing International, the ITC newsletter, tieditor[at]intestcom.org).

- Dr. Stephen Stark (Editor of the International Journal of Testing, ijteditor[at]intestcom.org).