The ITC President’s Message

The ITC President’s Message

President’s Letter

Dragos Iliescu, President (2016-2018) 

Dear ITC Members and Friends, 
I would like to start by acknowledging the contribution of, and expressing my and the Council’s thanks to Kadriye Ercikan, for her leadership in the organization of the 10th Conference of the ITC (“Improving Policy and Practice: Opportunities and Challenges in an International Context”), which took place in Vancouver, Canada, in July 2016. The conference was a great success; the conference report is now ready and confirms what we have all felt there on the ground. The next ITC conference (July 2018, Montreal) is in the very capable hands of Nathalie Loye as President of the Organizing Committee and Aletta Odendaal as Chair of the Conference Committee of the ITC. 

The ITC has always relied on the voluntary involvement of our dedicated and visionary members, who serve on Council, or in our various committees and task forces. Their work and involvement in our professional community is much appreciated. 

I would therefore like to say a formal “thank you” to those who have now left the Council. Avi Allalouf has retired from his position as Co-Editor of the International Journal of Testing. He had accepted this position in 2012, and under his leadership, the journal has increased in quality and coverage. Avi has remained involved in various projects of the ITC. Jan Bogg has retired from her position of Editor of Testing International, the ITC newsletter. She has diligently filled this position since 2005, for 12 years, and 24 issues of the newsletter. Alina von Davier has finished her co-opted term as a Council member (2014-2016), but will remain, as she has been for so many years, closely connected and involved in a number of ITC projects. Fanny Cheung has fulfilled her mandate as Past-President of the ITC and has left the ITC Council now. Fanny had joined the ITC Council many years ago, and has held important positions on Council, among others President-Elect (2010-2012), President (2012-2014) and Past-President (2014-2016). We will also never forget the impressive Hong Kong conference of the ITC (2010), which Fanny has organized. For her many years of service to the ITC, and her diligent leadership, Fanny is now a Fellow of the International Test Commission – an acknowledgement which is too small for how much she has contributed. 

I would also like to publicly extend our welcome to those who have started their term on Council and in other positions. During the election General Meeting in Vancouver elections were held for two vacant places on Council and the officer positions. I want to thank all those who stood for election and I wish to to congratulate Anna Brown and Neal Schmitt on being elected for a four-year term on Council. The General Meeting also endorsed the nominations of Kurt Geisinger as President-Elect and Treasurer, and Aletta Odendaal as Secretary-General. At the first meeting of the new Council following the General Meeting in Vancouver the Council agreed on the co-option of Dave Bartram, Kadriye Ercikan, Peter Macqueen, and Solange Wechsler on Council. Furthermore, April Zenisky accepted the position of Editor of the ITC Newsletter (Testing International) and is now also a de facto member of Council. Stephen Stark will begin his mandate as Editor of the International Journal of Testing. Finally, Kazuo Shigemasu and Jacques Gregoire will continue in their quality of liaisons for IUPsyS and IAAP respectively. 

I’d like to use my report this time to say ‘thank-you’ to people whose terms of office have ended and welcome to those who are just begi nning. This also provides an opportunity to describe who is now on Council. This summer Council lost Ron Hambleton, Tom Oakland, Fred Leong and David Foster . However, all have agreed to continue serving and advising the ITC through its committees: Fred Leong joined the ITC Council in 2006 and has been chairing our publications committee. He will continue as the lead editor of the ITC Handbook – which we plan to have completed by 2016. David Foster joined in 2002 and has been influential in getting the ITC to consider more about the way it relates to its membership and how it can involve them more in its work. He led the development of the Test Security Guidelines which were approved by Council for release in July this year. Tom Oakland joined the Council in 1991 and worked with Ron to prepare the first ITC conference in Oxford in 1993. He was President in 1998, serving as a co-opted member from 2002 until he took over as IAAP liaison in 2010. He leaves the Council as his IAAP liaison role comes to an end. T om was instrumental in setting up the ITC as a formal ‘not for profit’ organization and has been a major contributor to Council policy developments as well as leading some recent guideline developments. Tom has always championed the need for ITC to become more involved in emerging nations. Ron Hambleton holds the record for the longest serving member of the ITC Council. He first joined the Council in 1982 - 32 years ago – a record that is unlikely to be beaten. His best known contribution was leadership of the development of the test adaptation guidelines – the first of a series of well-respected Guidelines from the ITC. He held the positions of President and Secretary as well as serving a term as IAAP liaison. He has always been a support and an inspiratio n to others on Council and respected for his knowledge and wisdom. 

The ITC Committees are now as follows: 
  • Strategy and Policy, chaired by myself,
  • Guidelines, chaired by Anna Brown,
  • Publications, chaired by Neal Schmitt,
  • Membership and Involvement, chaired by Peter Macqueen,
  • Outreach, chaired by Paula Elosua,
  • Conferences, chaired by Aletta Odendaal.
The chairs of the committees will be providing updates on their work to you through the ITC Newsletter. 
The ITC has many interesting projects. We will continue to focus on our biennial conferences, on the Journal and the Newsletter as important outputs. A number of new Guidelines are in preparation, as well as revisions of older guidelines. New and exciting projects are starting just now and will be communicated to our members on a continuous basis, through both the ITC Newsletter and the ITC website. 
The next meeting of the ITC Council will be held in July 2017 in Amsterdam, before the European Congress of Psychology. As part of this meeting, we have planned for a brainstorming and strategic analysis session in which to discuss the future evolution and projects of the ITC. If you have any ideas or suggestions for improving the way in which the ITC serves you and our professional community, please get in touch. 

Dragos Iliescu. 
President, ITC


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