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The ITC guidelines bear directly on furthering the goals of the ITC.

Five projects have produced guidelines that have gained wide international acceptance. These are:

1. The ITC Guidelines on Adapting Tests see the section of the site here, or download the document here (PDF)
2. The ITC Guidelines on Test Use see the section of the site here, or download the document here (PDF)
3. The ITC Guidelines on Computer-Based and Internet-delivered Testing see the section of the site here, or download the document here (PDF)
4. The ITC Guidelines on Quality Control in Scoring, Test Analysis and Reporting of Test Scores see the section of the site here, or download the document here (PDF)
5. The ITC Guidelines on the Security of Tests, Examinations, and Other Assessments see the section of the site here, or download the document here (PDF)

Currently, the ITC is producing guidelines on "Practitioner use of test revisions, obsolete tests, and test disposal", and on "Testing in Non-Native Languages".


Please cite the ITC guidelines as follows (example for Guidelines on Test Use):

"International Test Commission (ITC) (2000). International Guidelines for Test Use. Downloaded electronically on [date] from www.intestcom.org/itc_projects.htm"


Procedure for Obtaining an Official Translation of the Guidelines

The following conditions apply to official versions of the International Test Commission (ITC) Guidelines. The conditions delegate authority for checking the quality and accuracy of translation to the local national Psychological Association.

1. There is only to be one official translation in each country.
2. Copyright of the original version remains vested in the ITC. The ITC will give permission for an official version to be produced under the auspices of the local national Psychological Association, subject to a copy being lodged with the ITC and the Psychological Association taking responsibility for the accuracy of the translation.
3. A letter formally approving the accuracy of the translation, from the relevant officer of the local national Psychological Association, must be lodged with the ITC.
4. The ITC will reserve the right to distribute copies of that translation itself without payment to the Psychological Association, and will want to have the guidelines available through the ITC website.
5. The official version should be referred to as:

"International Test Commission (ITC) International Guidelines on Computer-based and Internet Delivered Testing [Language] Version. Translation authorized by the [full name of the Psychological Association]"

6. The official version should have both the logo of the Psychological Association and that of the ITC clearly displayed.
7. The Guidelines themselves should be made available either free of charge or on a not-for-profit basis. Locally developed supporting documents, applications, qualification procedures, etc that build on the Guidelines may be charged for on a commercial basis.
8. Normal copyright rules apply, and permission will need to be sought by people wishing to publish extracts. In relation to the locally translated version, the ITC delegates the giving of permission for this to the local Psychological Association responsible for the translation. A notice to this effect should appear on the Guidelines document.