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On-line Readings in Testing and Assessment (ORTA)

The On-line Readings in Testing and Assessment (ORTA) project of the International Test Commission (ITC) aims to provide a number of independent, yet integrated readings on aspects related to testing and assessment on-line and free of charge for the purposes of:

  • Making a meaningful contribution to the teaching of psychometrics, testing, and assessment internationally so as to better prepare psychometricians, assessment practitioners, and researchers for modern day testing and assessment.
  • Making quality assessment and testing readings available to instructors and students in developing countries in particular as it is often difficult for scholars and researchers in these countries to gain access to American or European textbooks or journal articles.

Editors: Cheryl Foxcroft (South Africa) and Marise Born (The Netherlands)

Technical editor: René Butter (The Netherlands)

Editorial team member: Gerianne de Klerk (South Africa)

Language editor: Peg Lorraine (USA)


Copyright and Use of the Readings

It is important for readers of these texts to know that all of the contributions to the ORTA project, present and future, are or will be copyrighted. The author or authors of each text is/ are the copyright holder.

The present authors have signed an agreement that extends to ITC a license to use their work in this project by adding each reading to the collection. The Author and ITC realize that it is possible that individuals with malicious or mercenary intent could create situations where either compensation or unwarranted activity is involved. In the event such cases occur, both ITC and the Author reserve the right to take legal action against any party involved for violation of copyright.

Disclaimer: The ITC is not responsible for the content of any reading written by any invited participant author. Views expressed in  the readings are those of the author and should not be perceived to be the views of the ITC.