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ITC Guidelines on Quality Control in Scoring, Test Analysis and Reporting of Test Scores


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About the ITC Guidelines on Quality Control

Tests are used for many purposes and sometimes serve as the basis for important decisions, and yet it cannot be taken for granted that tests – or the testing process – are of a high quality.  Mistakes, such as the computing or reporting of an incorrect score may have a number of disturbing implications in any context of measurement.  There are so many steps involved and so many stages at which mistakes can occur, that the only way to achieve a low rate of error is by maintaining extremely high standards at all times and applying adequate QC procedures. The Guidelines for Quality Control we have developed include general points that should be considered and agreed upon prior to scoring, test analysis and reporting of test scores, and also contain chronological and working guidelines – i.e., step-by-step detailed QC instructions.  The Guidelines relate to a wide variety of techniques and are suitable for use in a number of different applications and assessment situations, namely, educational, clinical, and occupational testing; the main focus is on large-scale high-stake educational tests.


Historical background and current status

Since 2008, Avi Allalouf (National Institute for Testing & Evaluation, Jerusalem), the main contributor to the QC Guidelines, has been engaged in the development of the QC Guidelines with the superb assistance of Marise Born.  Three preliminary versions of the Guidelines were reviewed by a group of testing and assessment experts in the educational, clinical and work domain: Alvaro Arce-Ferrer, James Austin, Jo-Anne Baird, Giulia Balboni , Helen Baron, Dave Bartram, James Butcher, Janet Carlson, Iain Coyne, Kurt Geisinger, Ron Hambleton, John Hattie, Jason Lamprinou, Fred Leong, Tom Oakland, Fred Oswald and Christopher Rush.  The reviews were very helpful and valuable suggestions were made which will be incorporated in the next versions of the Guidelines.  The concept and purpose of the Guidelines were presented (Allalouf, Born, Geisinger, Leong and Baron) at the European Congress of Psychology in Oslo in July, 2009.  In addition, a pre-conference workshop on the Guidelines was held at the 7th ITC conference in Hong Kong in July 2010. This final version was submitted to the ITC Council in May 2011 by Avi Allalouf, whose superb leadership and hard work in this project was acknowledged and the QC Guidelines were subsequently approved for preliminary publication at the ITC Council meeting in July 2011, in Istanbul. Comments and suggestions on this version are invited from our membership and all other interested parties.